Muhammad: If you don't consider this an appropriate posting for this subject area or this forum, please delete it. Someone in the Austin, TX, area was looking for a tractor, but I can't locate the inquiry, and I would like to pass along the information.

This ad appeared in the Fredericksburg, TX, paper on 1/16/02.

For sale: 1994 John Deere Model 670 Tractor, 560 hours, excellent condition; with 5 foot belly mower, 5 foot Bush Hog, 5 foot tiller, 5 foot box blade, rear scoop, plow, fertilizer spreader, 9 inch auger. $8,500. Call 830/990-1036 or 830/456-2015.

I don't know anything about the equipment and I have no idea who the seller is. If I didn't already own a JD 670 and some of this equipment, I would be looking into this myself.