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    Default JD 3720 or 4320?

    We are in the research phase of our first tractor purchase and would like to get some opinions about the difference in these two models: The 3720 is a 44 hp eHydro 35.0 PTO, 4WD, 101 ft-lb torque, weighing 2900 lbs. The 4320 is a 48 hp eHydro 40 PTO, 4 WD, 127 ft-lb torque, weighing 3700 lbs.

    We have a 2400 ft driveway with a lot of Colorado snow and want to put a front mount snow blower on the tractor and general 100 acre horse ranch duties in the summer. Both my husband and I are comfortable driving the 3720, but the size jump of the 4320 seems pretty big to us. We would rather stay with the mid size unit, but don't want to make a mistake in a purchase of this size. Do you think we are headed down the wrong path?

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    Default Re: JD 3720 or 4320?

    100 acres and 1/2 mile long road would lead me to the bigger 4320. Are you going to try and mow any pastures? Any pasture improvements?

    Both are turbo charged engines so altitude wont pose any problems.

    The increased front end loader is much better for handling round bales of hay.

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    Default Re: JD 3720 or 4320?

    In regards to snow removal, the 3720 Cab Tractor gets my vote - excellent power to weight ratio, very manuverable - I have sold several 3x20 series tractors w/the 59" front snowblower - and all of their owners are very happy with them...

    As far as your 100 acre horse property is concerned, I would highly recommend the 4x20 series tractors over the 3x20's - even if you went with a lesser HP 4x20 - although depending on exactly what tasks you want your tractor to do, a 5000 series Utility tractor may be the better choice...

    3x20 over 4x20: Size; manuverability; factory front snowblower; price.

    4x20 over 3x20: Deere PowerTech engine; higher torque rating; higher hydraulic flow; heavier duty frame, front axle & rear end.

    A high HP 4x20 (4520, 4720) comes close to what a small Utility tractor will do as far as workability - but still gives you the manuverabilty (and option of eHydro transmission) of a compact.

    I hope I was of some help! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions...
    I can run a D100 and a 9560RT (and most of the models in between) all in the same day!!!

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    Default Re: JD 3720 or 4320?

    Myself,I Would Go With The 4320 Or Even The 4120.Overall ,The Large Frame Would Be More Productive.
    I Will Say The Front SnowBlower Need Is A Problem Since John Deere Does Not Make A Front Mount SnowBlower For The Large Frame Compacts.Loftness Makes One,But It's Expensive.

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