You've picked out some nice tractors for your initial choices. Both are good, solid units backed by manufacturers with good reputations.

On your NH price: If the price was for a TC 33D (the one with hydrostatic transmission) then it is a bit high (at least for my area). I bought a TC 33D last summer for $17,500 with R4 tires, FEL w/heavy duty bucket, block heater, and rear tires filled. Others have done a bit better (I've seen some prices mentioned down around $17,000, but it varies by dealer and area of the country (and how NH sales happen to be going at the time you purchase).

If your price was for a TC 33 (no "D" = gear transmission) then I would say it's significantly high.

A recommendation: Get the heavy duty bucket with your FEL. If you are getting serious use out of the FEL, you'll definitely want it over the "standard" duty model.