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    Default Case 1816B Steering issue

    I have an older model 1816B that the warmer (operating temperature) it gets, the less agressive the left side drive becomes.
    The right side works normal, left side needs some attention.
    Is there anybody out there that knows how the system functions, it also has a noise in the system, like oil going over a relief. I have not installed any pressure gauges on it. There does not appear to be any test ports installed for such a purpose.
    There are two pumps and two drive motors, I am assuming two individual relief valve assemblys also. When they built it, they compacted it into a small package, so major surgery is necessary to even look at the motors, let alone work on them.

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    Default Re: Case 1816B Steering issue

    You could have a weak motor as on most when warm is when the first signs of weakness will occur. I'd want a set of gauges on it to check it to be sure.

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    Default Re: Case 1816B Steering issue

    I got it apart and it appears as the clevis that turns the shaft that actuates the motor is worn, just slightly turns the shaft, I believe I got lucky.

    It still has an oil leak, input shaft on the one pump, looks simple to replace, I won't get my hopes up. It still has an oil leak I am searching for that I can't locate. It looks like the entire pump drive assembly will come out as a unit?

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