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    Default international 434 1973

    just purchased inter 434 1973 noticed fluid coming out of vent below seat
    also notice noise when engaing diff lock
    could shaft be broken

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    Default Re: international 434 1973

    Bill, I have a International 454D its about a 1972. The vent under the seat would normally not put out any oil unless it was to full or perhaps the cap and small filter device is not in place should your's have it like mine. The differential lock while it does not make noise will grind occasionally if your rolling and engage. If its locking up, it should be OK. I find that when I get stuck, engaging the diff lock rarely helps me get more traction. There have been occasions such as when I high lift one drive wheel but more often then not I'm in mud and I'm stuck. My F250 in 4WD is my 4WD for that tractor. Heavy solid tractor with a 3 cylinder diesel. Rat...

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    Default Re: international 434 1973


    I bought a 197X model 444 diesel tractor that had been "slam wore out" in logging operations. Everything on it had been broke and rewelded at least once. It had leaks from one end to the other and it had noises from deep within that sounded like an XXX rated movie.

    It was probably the best tractor I have ever owned. That thing ran and ran and ran and just kept on running. The oil pressure had dropped down to almost nothing but it didn't smoke or use any oil.

    I sold it to a fellow and the last time I saw him he was still using it every day. IH tractors IMHO were the very best. I wouldn't worry about the noise as long as the differential lock works. Like Rat said, by the time you engage it you are usually stuck anyway. As far as the fluid leak my guess is that has been overfilled a little.


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