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    Anybody have any service info on this machine? Working on one with a hydrostatic trans problem. I don't have a service manual. There is 3 test ports on the trans one on top and two on the bottom. I'm geussing that the two bottom plugs are for high pressure relief, fwd and reverse. I need to know if the top one is case pressure or charge pressure and what the charge pressure spec. is. If it is case pressure does the book give a spec.? Which leads to another question. It appears by looking at the lines going into the trans that it has an internal charge pump. Any info would be greatly appreciated. A schematic with specs would be phenominal.

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    Kubmech, the best I have is a brochure from 1977 explaining this HST. It does a pretty good job for a brochure.

    P.S. By the way, thanks for the help regarding my L48. My kubota dealer sent me a new control valve (offered to pay for installation, shipping etc, they were fantastic)and it did the trick. I thought the problem would be in the hydraulic leveler unit. It has lots of bucket dump power now.

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    Thanks Rat, But I doubt that will give me what I'm looking for. I have to get a manual anyway, just thought I could get a jump on it before the book comes in. Glad to hear the L 48 is straightened out.

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    I believe these were the last of the Mitsubishi's for Case-IH and then Cub Cadet got the line... it was very short lived for Case/Mitsubishi...

    How are their hydros compared to the rest...? For that matter, of all the ones you've worked on... which ones do and don't you like...?

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    Yes John it looks like a Mitsubishi. Out of all the Hydros I've worked on they all seem to be pretty much the same as far as basic design. Reliability appears to be pretty even across the board also. Some have the charge pump built in to the HST itself while others use the tractor hyd. pump to rely on charge pressure. Some use coolers, some don't. It really doesn't seem to matter either way. I could'nt really pick a favorite as all the different brands, models and designs work just fine as long as they are properly maintained.
    Most times it's lack of maintenance or out right abuse that will damage an HST. Probably the biggest factor for picking a like or dislike from a mechanics perspective would be how easy is it to get to. The B20 and B21 are probably the hardest to "access" due to the subframes and linkage, and in the case of the B21, the hyd. tank mounted under the machine, lots of hoses and o-rings to worry about, very time consuming. (input shaft seal leak, parts 15.00, labor 800.00) As far as the basic system on all makes and models, there is really no one design that's better or worse than the other. That's just one guys opinion.

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