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    Default Case 580B shuttle shift problem

    I recently found this site and was impressed with all of the great info and members with tons of experience. My 580b has automatic type shuttle shift with a 4 speed behind it and 188 ci case diesel. It runs great, I,ve changed all fluids with case products. The auto trans takes about 5-10 minutes to warm up and get pressure, which apparently is normal. The bad part is if you work the machine loading or even traveling up hill too much, the trans eventually slows down and goes to forward or reverse. The trans gage shows to the lowest part of the green and no go. If I shift from neutral to forward or reverse I can feel the clunk into gear either way but feels like the torque converter is not driving the trans. if I let the machine cool down...i'm good for another while. even if I shut it off and turn it back on, The machine regains its movement but not a lot of ground speed. I go to 1st gear to reduce load to try to get back to park it. I did flush all lines and change the filter up front and it helped a bit.
    I build car and truck trannys and work on hydraulics. But I don't want to split this tractor until I'm sure of the problem. Those of you with experience with this would be a great help.Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again for a great source of info.

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    Default Re: Case 580B shuttle shift problem

    I'm no expert, but it sounds like the torque or the charge pump.
    Big help aren't I...
    My 580d manual says pretty much the same. I understand the shuttle is very similar till the KseriesIII and super K models.
    It gives the flow circuits and pressures at all the ports. Since yours isn't moving in any direction I'd say it's one of the above.

    You might go to HeavyEquiptmentForums.Com and ask there. There's a
    couple Case Techs that seem to know everything and are very helpful.

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