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    Default opinions on 580D backhoe

    Am looking for a backhoe for farm use only 100-200 hrs a yr. I cam accross a 580D Cab hoe with 5000hrs on the meter (the meter does not work however). Body= some rust, but not more than would be expected for yr model.Door was rusted through for about 6", but I could repair that. NO repairs/welds done to unit at all that I can see. FEL is straight and not bent up, same with bucket and booms. It appears to have been used rather easily. It was foggy/drizzle at 40F this morning when I looked at it and it was down on batt power. Tried starting for 15 sec no luck. Jumped it and it immediately fired up and ran. It did not really smoke much except when throttle was given or it was working under a load. Smoke was greyish in color (remember it was foggy and drizzle) but I tried to get up where I had ground or something else to look at the exhaust against. Saw no signs of blowby. Hydraulics very quick and had plenty of power (unable to dig or use FEL) just raised the Hoe off the ground with all units. It had one true LEAK that needs to be fixed in the hydraulics (hardline on an outrigger, easy fix) there was some of the usual seepage around the cylinders, but nothing was dripping. Cylinders seemed to develop power well and as far as I could tell it had plenty of hydraulic power. There was a drip every 4-5 sec from the engine side of the fuel injector pump on the engine side and at idle the hoe would kinda sputter occasionally (not like it was going to stall, just a little bobble). throttled up it would not do that. There was also some oil seepage along the right side of the engine that appeared to come from the valve cover gasket. They are asking $10,500 for it and pretty firm on that. They said they had it sold about 6 wks ago for 14 but the guy never came back after his deposit. I am assuming he didn't get his loan or this guy is full of it and just trying to make a sale. Mechanically I think it is pretty sound just concerned about the hours. Oh the tranny appears ok. I ran it in all gears 1-2 strong. 3 good 4th took a bit getting going up a 2-5% grade, but did accelerate going up. Coming down it jumped right up to speed. I could only run it about 100yrds. Any opinions would be helpfull

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    Default Re: opinions on 580D backhoe

    Well I have one. 7500 hours, had it for years. When I bought it they said it had a overhaul 1000 hours before, I believe it.
    Mine has usual leaks. I got seals off line for 10.00 to 20.00 bucks, Case will be 50.00.
    I let it go to crap for a couple years, took me a year of fixing to get it back. You need to keep on top of things.
    My door had same rust problems, I tig welded it back together.
    That is the way 3&4 are, pretty much road travel.
    Parts are easy to get, some pretty pricey, 100's of these hoes around.
    I have the full manual, it's almost a must.
    If you what to know something, if i can help let me know.
    It's been so long ago I think I either gave 10,500 or 12,500
    I think 10,500 wife thinks 12,500, so 10,500 is top dollar.

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    Default Re: opinions on 580D backhoe

    Thanks Bill, anyone else?

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    Default Re: opinions on 580D backhoe

    The few times I looked or bought heavy equipment I went to the dealer and 'rented' a mechanic for an hour or so.

    Think of it!
    1-2 hrs of mechanic labor is a pittance compared to possible costs of repairs on heavy equipment!

    A HD6 I wanted looked and sounded great.
    Tracks, bearings, motor hydraulics all looked great!
    In about 15 mins the mechanic stated' 2nd gear reverse is shot, 3rd fwd very bad.

    Back to dealer, sat them face to face and said.
    OK, I'll meet your asking price but fix this list first! (even took out the check book and made out a deposit).

    Seller asked mechanic if estimate was firm (they dickered very little) and I paid asking less estimate and had the dozer in my yard 1 week later all fixed up.
    Ran it for 4 years and got my entire investement back.
    Only maintainance was couple of hoses, clutch adjustements and oils.

    As an aircraft mechanic it totally amazed me how a succesful business man would come in with his 'new (used) aircraft' without any inspection of any kind.

    Had one case where (and I kid you not), pretty paint job, full market list price and the guy could have lost a wing! It was that bad!
    Aileron cables totally junked, flap cables so worn that I would not run my hands on them and the corosion under the pretty paint would have flaked off within a year.
    Not counting the corrosion on wing bolts!

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