Hey folks.

I have a 72ish Case 580b. I am having a steering issue. I am certain the steering cylinders are leaking to some degree and need to be rebuilt.

But the issue is really:

Initially when I would let it sit for a time (+1 day) I would have to "pump up" the steering before it would work. I.e. I would have to spin the wheel in a direction until it would fill the cylinders (I assume) and the steering would work normally thereafter. Since then, the action quickly deterioriated to the point where, now, in order to have any steering at all, I have to continually steer in one direction in order to hold pressure to the steering.

So I guess unless there is a commonly known issue here..

question 1) Does this use the general hydraulic resivoir (for the trans and backhoe/loader) for it's steering fluid? Or is there a seperate steering fluid res.?

2) If the fluid res. is seperate.. where is it?

Any thoughts on this?