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Hi,here's the deal w/ your clutch disconnect.there are two types of solenoids as I recall.one is round,the other is oval.either way if you take it off, your shuttle will not move/work ,because the pin that works the dump valve doesn't get pushed by the solenoid, a spring behind the dump valve moves it when the solenoid is energized and the plunger is drawn into it..so the solenoid pushes the dump valve into the valve body when it's off.you can remove the whole valve if you want.after you unscrew the solenoid take the shift crank off.under that you'll find a small snap ring.remove that.take three bolts out of opposite side and remove valve from there.
KEN: I have a 580C transmission problem and 0 pressure with level in neutral at idle & full RPMS while doing test #1 of the book. Suggestion is that maybe problem with spring inside the spool valve.
Question: Can I remove the spool valve with the trany in place?
Should I also replace al the seals there?
Any suggestion as to where I can get a rebuilt trany (than by CASE $$$$$)
Thanks, Wilson