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    Default Case/DB 885 3 pt won't lift

    Hey there, I can't get my new (old) 885 3 point to engage. The PTO works ok, but no matter what setting I put on the switch on, nothing happens. I am trying to impress my potential father in law before he gets back, but if you have any ideas, please start with the basics, because I am a rookie when it comes to fixing stuff. Thanks!


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    Default Re: Case/DB 885 3 pt won't lift

    David Brown hitch systems are some of the more complicated and least understood 3PT lifts ever put on a farm tractor. If you want to impress a potential FIL, man up and tell him you need to get a repair manual and go to Yesterday's Tractors Case forum and start asking questions there. The chances of you doing more good than harm by diving in oblivious to what is going on are remote to say the least.

    Case Tractors Discussion Board

    See if a guy named Elmer Landsman is still around the YT site. He probably can help you.
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