Hello all, hopefully this is an easy one. My bil has recently purchased a late 70's? 224. Very cool tractor, ran great until it broke. We were installing the snowblower for the first time, and of course here in MI we only get about three hours of daylight in the winter....at any rate I thought it would be cool to hook up the lights. The dangling wire that went to the round light someone had mounted to the hood. The next thing I know the back of the ignition box is glowing reddish and smoking. #%it, I pulled the wire loose and after the smoke cleared the engine was purring. Whew, but the next time he went to start it the battery was dead. I fugured we (I) fried the battery with the attempt at hooking up the lights. He jumps it a few times, but now the key is difficult to turn. So the ignition is shot and my bil decides to use the old screwdriver to the starter trick. I think he toasted the starter. Should he replace the starter, then trace the wiring issue? Is the starter for the 222 the same as the 224? Anybody know a good source for used parts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.