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    Quote Originally Posted by dcyrilc View Post
    What is the item on the left rear which I circled in this picture?

    Just though I would follow up on this one, in case anyone else is looking for the same thing. dcyrilc, you were absolutely correct and you win the big prize, because that was it. I managed to get a pipe wrench onto it and open the cap, stick a piece of straw down into it and low and behold it came back red. Had to get a littel funnel that I could jam in place so I could fill it, but about a gallon topped the tranny fluid back up to the top of the fill on the dipstick.

    Big releif to get that topped up and not have it sitting so low anymore.
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    the little dip stick on the flat under the motor is the motor oil lever the big one is the oil fill, on the 1394 the transmission and hyd fill is on the right side of the seat about the same as your back bone would be sitting down and below on your right side. that's the 1394 .

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    MY loader is a case and bigger and is also slow, but it takes a lot of fluid to make it move. However it is VERY strong

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