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    Default ISO IH 284 left fender


    I'll include the backstory below for folks who want a chuckle at my misfortune, but long story short I'm looking for either (a) a left side (as you sit on the machine) fender for a gas 284, (b) an idea as to something that could be made to work with a little drilling and/or welding, looks not important, but operating the tractor with no fender is a safety non-starter. Any pointers to someone scrapping out 284s? I tried Wenger's of Myerstown already; I think they said they could hook me up with a NOS one for a grand, which is a little outside of my price range.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    The back story: I just bought a house. The 284 conveyed. The house has been rented to the same person for the past 15 years, but let's just say they were Not Careful in all sorts of ways. One of those ways involved a fender that was rusted and sort of holding on by a thread. I suppose that taking it to Valley Welding and paying some small sum of money for the guy to put on a new bracket and keeping on trucking was too tall an order... and so here I sit today with a mangled IH 284 fender on the back of my pickup and a sad look on my face since these tractors are kind of difficult to get parts for.

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    Default Re: ISO IH 284 left fender

    These tractors are very similar to the Satoh Bison, The misubishi tractors which followed, and many others (Yanmar) which were made in Japan and badged in some brand name and sold in the US. Any fender off one of these would work. Also, fenders from earlier tractors such as the IH 140 or A, B, or C, would fit, but the look would be a little "retro". I don't know what a tractor parts yard would charge for one.

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    Default Re: ISO IH 284 left fender

    I hope the OP already has taken care of the problem, since he posted almost two years ago.

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