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    case 580K

    Default 580K brakes

    I am helping out a coworker with his farm backhoe
    Has no brakes (for a long time)
    it is a 580K Case
    VIN.. JJGOO16299
    what kind of brakes are we looking at wet or dry
    any where I can get a online manual?
    Thanks Jay

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    Default Re: 580K brakes

    According to Case Construction, JJG0020000 was the break in the serial numbers, when they switched to wet brakes.

    Here is the link to Case Construction: CASE

    Select "parts and service", then a page will appear, and it will say "launch parts catalog" Click on that.

    Type in 580K in the model number space, and you will get two versions. The top one is before JJG0020000, showing the dry brake assy.

    I'd definitely do a visual comparison, as to the brake housings to make sure it is what he has. They have been known to use up stock on hand, and sometimes SN''s don't mean a lot, in a production year change, as I have found.

    Here is a link to a place where I found the best deal on brake parts. Remanufactured Transmissions, Torque Converters, Engines - Joseph Industries

    If you use the Case site, and get the parts numbers (copy & paste), then Google those part numbers, you can do some comparison shopping. Find your best price, then call Joseph Ind. You'll more than likely speak to a Bill Pingley. Heck of a nice guy.

    More then likely, the master cylinders will need replaced. They have new aftermarket m/c's for just a bit more, then what some wanted for rebuild kits. They seemed to be pretty decent quality, and probably the same one's other dealer's had priced about $30.00 higher.

    It will probably need new brake lines too. I about fainted when I saw what Case wanted for them. Standard automotive metal lines... Enough, that I bought a brakline flaring tool from Eastwood, and alloy line from Advance auto parts, and saved money..!!

    The short section of metal to rubber flex part is a Case OEM part only. If purchased through a CASE/IH Agricultural dealer, they were $10.00 less, and still $38.00, about a year ago, for that approx. 8" long section of brake line.

    Again, compare certain parts through a Case Construction dealer, and an Ag. dealer. Usually, copying, and pasting the part numbers to Google will show a response from Coleman Equipment. Then paste the same number at Messicks, an Ag. dealer that advertises here on TBN.

    Mine were pretty corroded up, internal parts wise on my 480C, because of a combination of brake fluid,and dirt. Brake bands, springs on the actuators, and stud bolt that holds the band, were shot. Joseph. Ind. had all of these at real reasonable prices, compared to others. Again, do some online shopping, find your best price, then call Bill. Some part prices are listed. Last year about this time, he said they were trying to get a "buy on line" set up. I haven't needed anything since last year, so not sure it is up. I get updates from the all the time, for new products they handle. But nothing as far as an online store.

    As far as the brake disc's, I burned the oil out of them with a propane torch. Mine weren't that bad. I talked to a friend of mine who is a Case collector, and he has been doing this for years, and no problems... Just do it outside, away from anything flammable. I finishd cleaning them up with brake cleaner, then buffed with a medium roloc disc, and they looked like new.

    If the seal is bad behind the brake assy., there are a couple of tricks putting a new seal in, without damaging it. PM me if you get that far, and they are... Using enough space here as it is..., LOL...

    I only put about 100 hours on my hoe this year, but lots of that was loading material, so lots of brake use, and they are still like new, as far as stopping power.

    I found a hard copy of a manual on ebay for my 480C. There are some manuals on CD, but who knows what the quality is. One thing about the OEM Case manuals, they are like "Case Backhoe's for Dummies" I LOVE this manual...!! Takes you through step by step, with pictoras and very thorough on explaining the process. WELL worth the money...!!

    Sorry to be so long winded, but, been there done that... If I can save someone some bucks, I'm glad to help...

    Hope this helps..!!

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    case 580K

    Default Re: 580K brakes

    DJ54 thanks just what needed.

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