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    Default IH 434 Cab Q

    On a roll here! I've got a 434 that I've just found out I can put a cab ob - my question is, is it specific to the 434 or are there any other models that will fit? Or any aftermarket cabs available?

    Stupid question maybe, but enquiring minds want to know.

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    Default Re: IH 434 Cab Q

    All after market and it would take the same as a 424.

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    Default Re: IH 434 Cab Q

    Shame, I've found a 785 that someone's breaking

    I was hoping......

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    Default Re: IH 434 Cab Q

    Cab from a785 will not fit, ????????

    Completely different chassis designs and mountings / holes. ??????

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    Default Re: IH 434 Cab Q

    Got to remember I know nothing about these things, I drive my tractor to cut the grass and weed and crop spray in the vineyard, I've no idea about 434 vs 885 vs anything else - hence the stupid questions!

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