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    Default IH 484 Stopped ?????

    I just bought an IH 484. Diesel, 3 cyl. I was going down a field lane and hit a bump over a drain tube in the field. The engine slowed down and finally stopped in about 100 yds. No smoke. It sounded like it wasn't getting fuel. It will start and run only momentarily. Could it be the fuel filters? I haven't used the fuel that was in the tank when I bought it yet. There is about 4 gal. left. Should I change both, the primary first, run it a bit then the secondary, drain the tank and change both or what. I have run about 5 gal through it since I bought it. Thanks for the help. Diesels are new to me.

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    I always approach repairs from the simplest first. I would change primary first. If it corrects the problem I wouldnt go any further. If not then change your final filter. However if filters are cheap to you then change em both.

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    Default Re: IH 484 Stopped ?????

    I would start at the tank. Does this have the tank that is part of the fender assembly? I would make sure the intake does not have crude over it. There is a shutoff on the bottom of those tanks. You can back the shutoff clear out and it should run fuel. If it doesn't you have found the problem.

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    Default Re: IH 484 Stopped ?????

    While you are there, check to see that you have a good fuel flow. We have even had to remove tanks to turn them upside down to get the crap out!

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    Default Re: IH 484 Stopped ?????

    Have a look @ this info , it will help you !!!!
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