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    Default DX25 price check

    I have price quote for a DX25 of $12,442.

    R4 tires with alcohol and water in the front tires.

    The dealer is to buy down the interest rate for an additional 12 months. This will give me total of 48 months @ 0% financing.

    Would this be reasonably good deal?

    I would appreciate any comments.

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    Default Re: DX25 price check

    If this is just for the tractor it sounds ok to me. When I was shopping around I got a price of 15,400 for a DX25 with loader and 16,800 for DX29 with loader, and 17,200 for a DX33 with loader. I ended up going with John Deere but I still really like the DX models, nothing against New Holland on the TC models but I like red better anyway and the NH dealers were always $400-$500 more for the same model. Not sure, but why would you want to add fluid to the front tires? I think you'll like the DX series.

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    I did the deal for the DX25 as described in my original post. The only differance in the deal was that I got the tractor with R4 tires and one remote cylinder valve (SCV) for $12,566. Also I excluded the fluid in the front tires, I will add front weights later if I need them. I got the tractor last friday and played with it all weekend. I mowed every thing in sight and moved dirt with a rear-end scoup and did some box-blade work. So far I couldn't be more pleased with the DX25.

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