i bould a ih 74l loader and put it on my 1984 case ih mod 1394 tractor, it had three levers, the first next to the seat is the rear for disc etc, i hooked the middle lever up to the bucket. it works fine but is slow opening up, closes fine. the far right lever i used on the loader up and down, there was only one hose going back to the hook up so i removed a plug from the side of the valve body and used it as a down for the loader. it works ok and will pick up a full load of dirt but it does not have power to pick the front tires up and i know i have something wrong in my hooks ups just dont know what. i am not a farmer or have much knoledge of hyd. no where on the valve body does it say where to hook up what and i have gone over the prints and dont see any how to there. the up on the loader will stay in the full up position until it reaches the fupp up and then kick back to center. it will also work fine for a little at a time. the center lever for the bucket returns to center but the bucket stays where you put it.

please help if you can. all the ih people have gone south in my area.