Hi, I'm thinking about selling my IH 444 and buying a neighbor's IH 464. I'm pretty sure it is around a 1972-73 model, diesel, with onl 1300 hours. Good tires, ROPC and nice front bumper. Kept in shed, paint is good. I've known the owner all my life. He has a rusty but good condition 5' heavy duty bush hog brand cutter, and a pick up type disk harrow, about 6", all about the same age. He wants $7,500 for all. I drove it today and it runs, steers, and shifts well. Saw a bit of fluid leak evidence under the steering wheel. Could be spilled fuel from refueling from cans. Does this sound like a good deal?

Also, I have diesel 444, 1972 model tractor that I plan to sell at an upcoming auction, but don't really know what a fair price is. I paid $3,500 for it 4 years ago. Clutch has slipped since I had it in the high range, but I make sure I don't let it. It snakes logs and mows grass fine. Hydraulic fluid leaks out around that pin that the 3rd arm presses on. Not bad, but it keeps the back messy. It has 3700 hours, but was rebuilt around 3000 hours, so motor runs strong. Any idea what it is worth in the current condition? Thanks for any help.