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    Default Case IH 245 (compact tractor) hydraulics question

    Hello, everybody. I have a couple of questions relating to Case IH 245 compact tractors & their hydraulic system. Please note: I am NOT asking about the big boy Case Magnum series tractors, just the little 21 hp guy made in the late 80s.

    1. Should the hydraulic control lever mounted on the right hand side of the seat spring back to center when your hand lets it go? Or is it supposed to stay where ever your hand leaves it?

    2. If it is supposed to stay in place, does the valve have some sort of bypass to protect the hydraulic system?

    I looked at one of these tractors last night that I was considering buying. When I got into the seat and tried to lift the 61MB mower deck, the hydraulics seemed to struggle a little bit. In order to move the tractor with the deck raised, I had to keep the hydraulic control lever in the "up" postion. As soon as I tried to push the lever back into the "neutral" position, the deck went right back down to the ground.

    This didn't seem like normal operation to me, but it was first experience with this particular model of tractor, so I wanted to get some opinions before I decided how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Case IH 245 (compact tractor) hydraulics question

    I have a 1986 255, which is basically the same tractor. The book calls it the "Hitch Control Lever"
    (rockshaft) that operates the 3 point hitch.

    It should stay at whatever position you have it. I have had heavy loads
    of gravel or firewood on my carryall that started to lift the frontend off
    the ground, but the rockshaft did not move by itself.

    There are several adjustments on this model. The speed of lift is under
    the seat - adjustment that has an O ring that easily wears. Could be a
    plugged hydraulic fluid screen (on the left side near the H-M-L lever)
    or other things. Many years ago I talked to the service department
    about a problem, and they said there are several little things that this
    model has that need checked, but I don't remember all of them. I'm sure
    other members will have more specifics for you.

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    Default Re: Case IH 245 (compact tractor) hydraulics question

    If you were closer, I would sell you mine.

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