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    Default timing a IH 46 baler

    How do you time the needles to the plunger and knotter on a IH 46 baler? The book doesn't tell you. It says to call your IH service technician. They haven't heard of a BALER must less have worked on one.

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    Default Re: timing a IH 46 baler

    we had that model something like 35 yrs ago so my memory is foggy. One day we hit a big wad of damp hay and twisted the driveshaft that goes from the flywheel to the knotter area like a piece of licorice. To put the new one on we ran the plunger in as far as it would go and turned the fork that pulls hay into chamber and knotters to top dead centre. I believe we turned the pto shaft with a bar to make sure that nothing was going to bang into each other for a cycle or two. I would think that then when the tripper signals that the bale is long enough the rest should cycle properly.

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    Default Re: timing a IH 46 baler

    International sold a separate manual just for the knotters when they built that baler. They show up on ebay pretty regularly.

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    Default Re: timing a IH 46 baler

    There was a book as I worked for a fellow and he had that baler. It wouldn't tie a lick but I got it working real well by doing what the book said.

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