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    Default Case 530 Power Steering

    I have no power in my power steering. I can barely get the wheels to move when its not moving. It has been sitting for a while, and I'm not sure it ever worked when I moved it last time.
    The resevoir was pretty empty when I checked it today, and a bit milky, so I put in more fluid, same story, still milky a bit, this time I disconnected a hose and drained it, cranked motor, and it pumps out. Put in new fluid and still no workie. The pump is working, there are no leaks, so the only thing I suppose is the power cylinder.

    What might someone suggest is my next step? Take the cylinder off and take it apart?? I'm thinking parts to fix it will not be available?

    Appreciate any input.


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    Mines in poor condition as well, we will probably have to source a local vendor for cylinder rebuild components, possibly even make up a new cylinder. I had some luck with finding rebuild parts for the bucket dump cylinders at one of my local Tractor Supply vendors.

    Mine is a sob to turn with the front bucket filled to dump into my dump truck, spend some time jockeying back and forth do you?

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    Default Re: Case 530 Power Steering

    Seal kits for those cylinders are still available through Cae/IH or Case Construction. There are two different cylinder numbers, but I believe the seal kits may be the same number. I'm thinking the cylinder part number is stamped on the edge, of where the left end bolts together with 4 bolts.

    I looked on Case Construction,and it shows like $137. + change for the kit. Should be less through Case/IH Ag., like 10%. I bought a kit for my old 310B which preceeded the 530's. Seems like it was 30 some $ though. I think they even carry new cylinders, but you don't even want to go there... It was over a grand 2 years ago.

    If you have a real good hydraulic shop nearby, you may try them also.

    The steering on the ole' 310B worked decent, as long as you were moving. Not the best, but better than pure manual.

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