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    Default Case 580 Super K Gear Shifting Problems

    City airport. I have a backhoe that was used by the street dept. until it was too worn out for them. Then it was handed down to Parks & Rec. After it was too worn out for them, I inherited it. It was generally working when I got it but the front axle right kingpin holes were totally wallowed out. I replaced the axle but when I put it back in service, I had a totally unrelated problem. 3rd and 4th gear did not engage. 1st & 2nd gear were still working and we don't need speed for travel. It has been working this way for 2 or 3 weeks until today. I was using 1st gear to clear some brush with the front end loader. When I got on pavement to head back, I shifted to 2nd and no engagement, then none in first either but then 3rd gear, which wouldn't engage previously, engaged and I drove it back to park it. The transmission has two separate shifting shafts going through the side of the transmission. One for 1st & 2nd and the other for 3rd and 4th. Moving the shift lever sideways transitions from one linkage to the other in the cab right below the handle. The transmission seems to work fine in whatever gear it is in. The problem is getting it to engage a new gear, or go back into the previous one when shifting. Anyone familiar with these transmissions??? I'm afraid to take it out of gear now. At least, I can drive it to a location to use the backhoe in 3rd gear but don't have much power to push with the FEL.
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    Default Re: Case 580 Super K Gear Shifting Problems

    Talked to a service person at the "local" (about 60 miles away) Case Construction Dealer today. Said that I am looking a $3K to $4K labor just to get into the transmission to find out what is wrong. Could be as simple as a roll pin out of place in the shifting forks.

    If I can get it back into 1'st gear, I'll just disconnect the linkage and leave it there. I'll have pushing power, just slow travel. Only need to travel on a 300 acre site.

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