greetings, I'm a new member here, and a new owner of an old Case forklift with steering problems.

I recently bought a 1988 Case 586E 2wheel drive 6000lb diesel forklift, it's in really good shape, and had been taken care of during its previous life The machine was stored inside when the previous owner upgraded to newer larger machines for his business. We put in a fresh battery, drained and refilled with fresh diesel and filters, she fired right off after sitting for 5 years. Purrs like a kitten. All hydraulics work well except the steering. The steering works in both directions, but has a lot of play when attempting to steer left while underway. While in straight path traveling, it steers to the right with little input like it should. Try to steer left, and it takes almost a full revolution of the steering wheel to begin turning the wheels.

The hydl tank is full of very clean fluid, no major leaks on the steering rams to speak of. Everything else works fine. I have held the wheel hard to the right and left a few times while motor running to see of air could be bleed out. Did not seem to help.

On a few of the rams, some seals are leaking very slightly. Do you think they will / can seal back up once cycled a few times during use?

Thanks, Stump