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    Default IH 444 3ph/draft control lever removal?

    Anyone happen to know how these levers are removed? My shop manual doesn't cover this. It does cover removing the shaft from the case/reservior, but not just the levers. I would guess that other models are similar to the 444.

    There's one nut on the end of the shaft. I removed that nut, thinking that the levers would slide off the end, but they don't budge. Tried prying a bit, but don't want to bend or break anything. Are these pressed on?

    I'm trying to get the right brake housing off, but there's a big suction line for the aux hyd pump in the way. Can't get wrenches on to remove the hyd hose because this lift quadrant is in the way. Arrrghh.

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    Default Re: IH 444 3ph/draft control lever removal?

    I don't know if this will help, but here is an exploded view of your quadrant, from Case/IH. Looks like it may not come off as one unit, but rather in sections.

    Hope this helps..!!

    IH 444 3ph/draft control lever removal?-001csih-31169-gif

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    Default Re: IH 444 3ph/draft control lever removal?

    What exactly does the draft control do?

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    Default Re: IH 444 3ph/draft control lever removal?

    You need to remove plate under seat, on top of hydraulic housing and dismantle from inside.

    Briefly, draft control is a means of controlling soil engaging implements to give a constant depth whilst providing some weight transfer from implement onto tractor rear wheels to aid traction, ( this statement assumes constant soil conditions, but in reality conditions in a field can vary and as such so does the draft force on implements and tractor for a given lever setting, the operator can adjust his draft control lever to compensate).

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