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    Default Checking out 580 at auction - advice???

    I'm looking at a 1992 580 Super K, EROPS, Extand-a-hoe at an auction this weekend. It is being sold off by a local utility company. It is described as in "fair" condition, and from the one photo it looks as if its probably been somewhat cannibalized. The tires look good.

    It has a "bad" engine (no further description)

    What should I be looking for on this unit? Obviously if it won't run all I can do is visual. I know to look for rust on hydraulic pistons, and physical damage, but is there anything in particular on these units?

    Also, what, if anything, tends to fail in these engines? How hard is it to access and disassemble the engine? Will I have to separate the entire unit into halves, or does the engine come out of the frame?

    Any other input/advice??



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    Default Re: Checking out 580 at auction - advice???

    It's a 4cyl cummins design made by Consolidated Diesel (a JV with Case and Cummins) I dunno how hard it is but I do know the design is modular, i.e. no splitting the machine.

    As I remember, there are no major problems with the design of the super Ks, My neighbor used to have two, he's gone to a superL or superM I can't recall. Many superKs are still roaming around here.

    I'd have someone with experience evaluate the machine for faults. Broken or damaged machines can be an expensive exercise in frustration.

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    Default Re: Checking out 580 at auction - advice???

    From your description I'd say it is nothing more than a parts machine. Since it does not run figure going in that it will need more than just a motor. How much more............who knows for sure. Even ones that run have problems that do not surface till after hours of work sometimes. Do they have more than one in this condition? If so I'd plan on buying 3 or so of them to try and make only half way decent one out of them all!!

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