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    Default 580CK 1967 Shuttle Problem

    I am having trouble putting the tractor into forward. I put the clutch in and push up on the shuttle lever, when I release the clutch it just grinds. If I continue every 10 or so times I do it, it will go into gear and move forward. This is very frustrating. Last year I had to replace the shuttle rail. It snapped in two. It was starting to give me some trouble before it snapped. Here is a picture of the rail I replaced.

    Any help would be great.


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    I am more familiar with the shuttles in Kubotas, but their clutch pedal linkages go to a pressure dump valve on top of the transmission. The hydraulic pump jn the transmission pressurizes the synchro plates and makes forward or reverse accordingly. When you press the clutch it is supposed to dump the pressure instantly releasing the synchro from the engine so you can change gears without grinding or not going at all. I would check the flow valve that dumps the oil. It sounds like that isnt releasing the pressure; like a burr on a spring detent or something hanging up internally in the valve.

    Anyway hope i didnt confuse you and i hope this helps. Let me know if i can spread some more light

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