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    Default case 1194 david brown no start.

    My grandfathers 1194 died and will not start. For the life of me I can't figure out why. have rebuilt the starter, new ignition switch. new battery. Where I am stuck is about 5 out of 10 times when I try to start it I get 12 volts at the starter with the starter wire unhooked. When I hook the wire up it clicks then goes dead. If I flip the lights on and off the starter wire will go to 12 v again but if I hook it back to the starter dead again . What am I missing here. by the way most of the dash wires have been bybassed over the years so I dont know If a wiring diagram would even help. but if anybody has one I sure would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: case 1194 david brown no start.

    If it clicks and then goes dead, it's almost always the primary circuit. You have a bad battery cable or termination of a cable, or bad starter solenoid, brushes, etc.

    So the next time it is dead (click and then nothing), while the key is being held in the start position, measure from the negative battery terminal to the frame of the tractor or engine block. Make sure you have both meter leads on bare metal. If you see more than a small (.25 volts or less) voltage, then the negative battery cable has a problem. Then put the lead on the positive battery terminal and the starter solenoid lug to see if you see anything more than .25volts. Take the negative connection off of the frame or motor and clean it, as well as all of the battery terminals.

    If you still haven't figured anything out, jump the heavy two terminals on the starter solenoid and see if it tries to start. If so, either the solenoid, starter switch, or wiring between the two is at fault.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: case 1194 david brown no start.

    clean the bat terminals and ground strap. make sure the starter has a good ground and not paint. many places PAINT the starter when they rebuild it.

    i had to take a ford NAA starter apart and UNpaint it to get it to conduct after a well meaning shop painted the heck out of it.

    once you know bat is charged and good and grounds are good.. put her in neutral and try a bypass start. do it safe.. don't get run'd over.

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    Default Re: case 1194 david brown no start.

    After you do ThomasH's suggestions and you find a voltage problem. One place to look is the battery cable to battery terminal on the wire. You need cut the insulation back and look for corrosion on the wire.

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