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    Case 530CK

    Default Case 530CK Spinning tires.

    So been doing a lot to my 1962 case tractor to get it ready to push snow. It always seems to be gettign stuck. I just bought and installed some v bar ladder chains, but that has not help. This weekend I brough it to the bottom of my road and with the FEL loaded it would not get up the dirt road. I emptied the load and it would only get up the hill with a running start. This is actually somebody dirt driveway that a 2 wheel drive truck gets up just fine.

    The case 530ck did come with a backhoe, but the previos owner removed it. The tractor did have a 55 gallon drum 3/4 filled with sand for a counter weight. I am thinking that was not enough and am building a counter weight that will be about 1400lbs. I figure the backhoe must have been 2000lbs.

    Do people think weight was my issue? How much weight would be too much?

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    Default Re: Case 530CK Spinning tires.

    If you have a front end loader and nothing hanging on the back, then weight is the issue for you for sure. Adding an implement to the back even is usually enough to help out quite a bit. Have a blade or box blade laying around? There are also a lot of ways to load the tires. Looking at's what I came up with...
    Weight: 7,600 lbs [3447 kg] (loader and counterweights)
    9,000 lbs [4082 kg] (loader-backhoe)
    9,345 lbs [4238 kg] (extendable boom loader-backhoe

    Looks like 1,400 lbs for a backhoe on the back should be just fine for you. I would start with that and something tells me that you will see a notable difference.

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    Default Re: Case 530CK Spinning tires.

    Those machines are built very heavy, especially the loader that is hanging off the front. With out a doubt, you will need lots of weight in the back. It would be a challenge to put too much weight on the back of a machine like that unless the weight was extended a long distance from the rear of the tractor.

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    If you don't have the back hoe on yet something else you may try and it will be a lot more stable then a hoe is to take a 55gallon drum put a bar through it to hook to your 3 point hitch and fill with concrete and stabilize it to your draw bar
    Sometimes the backhoe gives the tractor a sway and high center and cause side to side sliding in the winter even with the added weight and you may even try wheel weights like the old DC case had and they will bolt right to your tractor, case haven't changed to much until the IH merge

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