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    Default starter woes on a 1970 Case 580 CK

    I've had this tractor for a few years now, and every once in a while when attempting to start it, the starter would grind against the ring gear & not turn the engine over. When that happened, usually just letting off the key & then trying again would work fine. Last week the starter apparently died, as it would not turn over even when direct wired/jumped. So I found a vendor on eBay that sells a replacement starter for about half of what the dealer wants for one, and 50 bucks cheaper than getting my original starter rebuilt locally. So, I order the eBay starter from a company called "RareElectric". They claim in the ad, that although the starter might appear different in appearance, it will fit & work just like the factory one. Well, I think you know where this post is going......

    The newer starter is a reduction drive and bolts in just fine, although the solenoid is in a different location, requiring new electric cables & some tweaking here & there to get everything attached. After it's installed, I go to start the machine & the new starter just grinds against the ring gear, never engages it. I tried manually turning the motor a few degrees in either direction to see if it was just a bad tooth or something on that particular spot on the ring gear. No joy, starter still grinds against ring gear without engaging. Took new starter back out & compared it with old one, everything looks the same as far as bendix height & travel & whatnot. I'm stumped.

    Looking thru the hole where the starter bolts up, at the actual ring gear, you can see the leading edge of the teeth are slightly worn/gouged from the old starter's issues. Could the wear pattern on the ring gear prevent the new starter from working? And if so, what is the fix? Is there a way to repair the teeth on the ring gear without disassembling the whole tractor & splitting it in half? Has anybody else out there had this happen? What was your method to fix this issue?

    Please advise.
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    Default Re: starter woes on a 1970 Case 580 CK

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but..., I'd say the best bet would be to drop the loader, split the tractor, remove the flywheel, and install a new ring gear.

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