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    Default DX24E Intermittent Stop

    I have a DX24E that has been a good little tractor. Most of my time on it is mowing with the 60" MMM. It has developed a problem of just cutting off usually when going up a hill. The tractor is not in any bind or under any extra ordinary load just like the key is cut off. It never fails to restart but it is very inconvenient to have to restart on a hill. Has anyone ever experienced this and what is the cure.

    I was thinking it cuts off like a low oil sensor but I've never seen one on a tractor and the oil is synthetic Chevron Delo and right on the full mark and the hill I am speaking of isn't all that steep.

    Any help or ideas are appreciated......

    Nevermind, just found out it has a seat safety switch......that is the source of my problems...

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    Default Re: DX24E Intermittent Stop

    Glad to hear you found it. Sometimes problems like that are a bear to chase. Kudos!
    The forums are a great place to find information....but also a great place to find speculation. Only you can determine the real problems with your tractor. We're here to help you find the correct way to do it.

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