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    Default IH hard starting

    New to IH need help. I have a model F656D HS diesel I have to use ether to start it hot or cold. There is smoke coming out of the exhaust but it just won't start. Any suggestions on what to check for.

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    I would buy a compression tester and see what that is like. That's typically a good place to start with an issue like that.

    Tractors can kinda become addicted to ether. Once they are started on them, they won't go back to the old way
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    Default Re: IH hard starting

    The IH 282 diesel engine is an indirect injection diesel. It has a glow plug in each cylinder's pre-combustion chamber, and the glow plugs and wiring need to be up to snuff and used for every start, year around. If you are using ether instead of the glow plugs, you will damage the engine. Not if, but when. This engine will not tolerate a steady diet of ether.

    Best advise I can give is fix it if necessary, learn how to start it properly, or sell it before you trash the engine.
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