DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY CASE IH PRODUCTS. Four years ago, I decided to buy myself a nice, brand new tractor with a loader. I settled on a Case IH JX 70 FWA. For years, I did all my work with fifty year old B,C, and 400 Farmalls; 630 and 70 Poppin' Johnnies; and whatever old tractor I had traded for to sell. Exept for an Allis 7020 for heavy drawbar work, nothing was ever newer than 1958, nothing...and except for minor repairs, no big expense. I bought the JX70 in the fall of the year, and the first day I tried to use it, the three point hitch wouldn't go down, and was loading the hydraulic pump. Had to go into the shop and fix that. I was bailing hay with it the next spring, and the clutch went out, all under warrenty (except for 250 dollar pickup fee)...then, the next summer, the reversing unit crapped out...partial discount, but out of warrenty, still paid a 250 smacker pickup fee. Now, Friday, I was pulling a grain drill and a loud groaning started from the transmission. Case IH in Sherman came and picked it up...for 250 bucks. They tell me that the synchronizers went out and the clutch and throw out bearing are out as well. What kind of charge am I looking at?? About $4250! I have only put about 400 hours on this thing, not a single implement hooked behind it was any different or bigger than I had been pulling with the 400 Farmall and the John Deeres-not a one of them bigger than 49hp. And the JX70 is rated at 65hp. Just don't buy any Turkish made crap from anyone...the New Hollands are made in the same plant. And the dealer isn't giving any relief. If you farm, or ranch or do anything, Pass this On. Don't buy Case IH products