After getting a 256$ price quote from CASE for a draft
spool plunger/sleeve/"C" clip kit, I took a look at the reservoir hanging from a chain and all the work I did just to find out I needed this gizmo.

I needed to do something to prevent this from happening
ever again. I thought to myself if I can isolate the piston from the rest of the components, I would be released from the CASE dependance. I studied the Blue Ribbon diagrams and isolated the spot. There is was in front of me, the channel to the piston had a diversion channel to the components. Now all I needed was to pull the head and verify it. It turned out it could be done, albeit I'd have to sacrifice the draft system.

After a few modifications I was able to have a solid lift
system, no leakdown and a fast up/and gravity down system.
Not only that but all the components are in the spool beside the seat,except for the piston of course. I can also change my mind and re-install the original components.

I decided to post the method if anyone is interested. I originally had it in HTML form but I had some tech problems. But had to revert to the mail system. If anyone is interested drop me a line at It includes pics, illustrations as well as instructions.(500K).