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    Default Succesful Farming article " The Farmall Returns"

    The Farmall line will be built at CNH's plant in Dublin Georgia.
    Case has expanded it's line of tractors from 23 models up to 42 models over the last 3 years.
    The article says that CNH saw one of the largest increase in machinery sales from the spring of last year to the present.
    I have been reading some other articles and CNH is starting to show some good profits.
    The head of Case IH North America revealed that when Case IH " Tested the Farmall moniker against other tractor names it recieved the highest recognition from potential buyers".
    According to the article at the end of 1973 the last year tractors were built under the Farmall name over 5 million Farmalls had been sold making it the most popular tractor series ever built in the World.

    Go CNH !!!!!

    Go Farmall [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Succesful Farming article " The Farmall Returns"

    The new Farmalls are very nice machines. The local dealer has a couple. I think Case should have made the Farmall name more prominent on the tractor. The only visible identification that one can make that it is indeed a Farmall is a small name plate on the front just above the headlight.

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    Default Re: Succesful Farming article " The Farmall Returns"

    Had they been out when I was tractor shopping, it is very likely I would have ended up with a Farmall rather than the NH that I purchased. Just because I like the dealer in town who has them. And since the tractors are the same, I'd have gladly purchased red instead of blue and gotten the same features.

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    Default Re: Succesful Farming article " The Farmall Returns"

    Anybody got pics for us to see the new little red hoods?

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