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    Default IH 340 vs. IH Super A

    I'm in a position to purchase 2 tractors each for $3000. IH 340 and and IH Super A. Both in equally good condition, original owner. I would like to use the tractor for bush hogging and a garden. Opionions?

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    Default Re: IH 340 vs. IH Super A

    Good morning down there in Texas.
    So you have some interest in older iron,so let me have another cup of coffee to refresh my brain cells and forward some information to you.

    IH340 has 135ci four cylinder 32hp,and weigh little under 5,000 pounds but you could add another 2,000 pounds for ballast.
    If you are talking about IH340 utility which was made around 1959 you just might have a torque amplifier power shift underdrive transmission,that was an option to the 5 speed transmission.
    If it should have the torque amplifier transmisson make sure its sound or you could be spending $$$.

    The IH340 should have a 2 or 3 point fast hitch with traction control and maybe tel-a-depth.

    The IH340 has adjustable wide or a narrow front end,and if your going to bush hog I would stay with the wide front end.
    Okay let me get another coffee and I'll try and refresh my brain cells once again on the Super A.

    The Super A was only made for about 8 eight years and I believe the dates were 1947 to 1954.

    The Super A is identical to the A,so parts shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Super A has a built in hydraulic system which I believe was call touch control.
    If the Super A your interested in was made toward the end of production than there better hydraulic power.

    Rpm should be about 1650,weight about 2363 pounds and I might be wrong in saying the horse power was about 14 to 15.

    Depending on your land and how much land the Super A might be a little light for bush hogging,but not compare to the HI340 for gardening.

    The price seems fair for the Super A,but for the HI340 check the tractor more careful.

    I hope the information has help,and if you should have any other questions I make another pot of coffee and try and help.

    Have a great also safe weekend.


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    Default Re: IH 340 vs. IH Super A

    The international 340 is a far better buy for what you want to do if it has the better factory hitch and pto. There were three hitches used a two point and a three point either will mount a bush-hog easily the fixed is no better for you than the A hitch. The 340 would also more than likely have a independent pto a definite plus as well as a standard hydralic system to raise and lower your equipment. A nice option also available on the 340 is power steering and last but not least the 340 has more horsepower. The farmall A is a great collectors tractor but had few bells and whistles the pto stops when you push down the clutch to shift the hydralic system was small and there was only a rigid drawbar.

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