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    Default IH 245 Diff Lock

    I put 800 troublefree hours on my 245 hauling manure, grading and digging post holes, etc without needing "no stinkin' owners manual", oblivious to the fact that the differential was unlocked. My wife found and bought an owners manual on eBay and I just had to read the part about the differential lock. Now, I'm a farm boy who can plow a straight furrow, but if I need to do something like plowing that requires a differential lock, I'm not going to use the 245 anyway. So for the past few years, I never paid notice to the diff lock pedal.
    Today was periodic maintenance day on the ranch, and while servicing the 245, I noticed that the diff lock pedal was spring loaded all the way down against the stop in the lock position. I tried lifting the pedal with no luck. At the diff case, the pedal actuator was resting on the front side of the diff lock lever, which was positioned somewhat horizontal, and facing rearward. I couldn't move the diff lock lever by hand, but it moved downward fairly easy by tapping it with a light hammer while the clutch was pushed in.
    With the diff lock now facing downward, the foot pedal was raised up to the unlocked position. However, pressing the brake didn't do anything, and a short drive confirmed that the position of the lever didn't make any difference; the differential remained unlocked. The owners manual is not very clear on the workings, and the diff lock isn't even mentioned in the 245 manual, least not so I could find it, anyway....
    If someone can either explain, and better yet, draw or photograph the workings and relative position of the diff lock pedal and case-lever, I would surely appreciate it.
    Mark Childers
    Pine Grove Ranch
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    Default Re: IH 245 Diff Lock

    Hi Mark, I have a 364 and the differental lock works on mine the pedal should be up in the disengauge position and down to engauge, I have been in real muddy conditions before and start to bog down when i pushed the pedal to the down position both rear wheels pulled at once and pulled itself right out, sounds like yours might be broken if the pedal is down and both rear wheels don't pull at the same time (kind of like posi=trac) Hope this helps. Dave [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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