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    Default Farmall M Belly Pump Oil

    Hello everyone. What does everyne use for the oil in the belly pumps? I know you were susposed to use 30weight but I would think that would pose a problem if use had to use other hydraulic items. Currently I have a PTO pump running my loader with universal hydraulic oil. I have since bought a belly pump for the M since mine didn't have one and I plan to use the loader off the belly pump instead of the PTO to free up the PTO. I have heard that regular hydraulic oil is too thin for belly pumps. But wouldn't mixing oil be bad?

    Also for anyone that has a belly pump could you tell me what all the ports on the pump are for. Incoming / outgoing, etc. Thanks


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    Default Re: Farmall M Belly Pump Oil

    I think you will find that the M's belly pump won't be a very good option to run your loader.

    The M doesn't have "live" hydraulics. If you push in the clutch on the tractor the belly pump stops pumping. You would have to be in neutral with the clutch out to pick something up while you are stopped. Of course the M doesn't have an independent PTO either so you might already be used to that because when you push in the clutch your PTO stops turning also. It may continue to run a little while the PTO shaft comes to a stop but without something like a mower on it, it should stop fairly quickly.

    You might try this question on the Farmall forum on the yesterday's tractors board as there are several experts on these old tractors over there.

    Here's the link -

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