I'll put this here since my tractor is red, but it applies in the blue board, too.

Looking for the neutral safety switch connectors to make sure they were not liable to get hung up or torn loose on my tractor, I noticed an unused plug with a jumper in place in the same area. I have the mid and rear PTOs, so it isn't a safety for that. The tractor is the HST model. I looked at the manual, but the wiring diagrams are sorted by function, so that doesn't help much. Any ideas what it is?

Examing the wiring diagrams seems to show that putting a jumper on the switch for the parking brake/cruise shutoff would enable use of either turn brake with the cruise on instead of just the right one. For you guys who mow, that seems pointless, but I found the cruise very useful grading a driveway the other day, and being able to pivot around the right rear at the top of the drive while lifting the blade was pretty nice -- no back and fill, stop and go kind of stuff, just do a Uey within the driveway and keep going. I just happen to like turning brakes. They make it more tractor like to me.

It also looks like a similar fix can be done for the seat safety switch if you want to. Just a jumper in the line and the thing won't shut down if you leave it in range while doing something on the ground. Of course, it will also keep running if it rolls over that way, too. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]