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    Default DX 29 hydraulic cooler leak

    I have a 2003 DX 29 hydrostatic tractor i bought used a year ago and I haved been battling a hydraulic leak coming from the hose that connects tot he hyd. cooler on the right side of the tractor (in front of the radiator). At first I thought it ws the hose so I Changed it. It still leaks and I've cranked it down tight. Has anybody else had this problem? The other hose onthe cooler does not leak at all. I'm starting to supsect the cooler itself.
    If it is the cooler -what do they cost?

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    Default Re: DX 29 hydraulic cooler leak

    I have a DX29, no problems there, but I had a serious high pressure leak at the pump due to a bad O-ring. There is quite a bit of traffic on the NH board about problems with the hydraulics in that area on the TC29 and 33, which are the same machine as the DXs. Do you have metal lines most of the way to the cooler, or flexible ones? Mine has just a short section of hose, about an inch and a half, coming off the cooler, then the rest are metal.

    If you have the flexible hoses, there is a history of problems, there is a fix from NH, probably warranteed. Check the NH board.

    Welcome to the site. Hang around, look around. There is a lot of good information here from a lot of pretty good people.
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