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    Default whos building motors in jx55/65's?

    Whos case getting the motors to the jx55/65's from? I know case is using alot of cummins engines in theres bigger stuff but cant find any info on the smaller tractors . .

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    Default Re: whos building motors in jx55/65's?

    Iveco, same as the NH tractors in this class. Iveco is a division of Fiat, also the owners of Case New Holland.

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    Default Re: whos building motors in jx55/65's?

    Yup it is the Iveco Division of Fiat supplies engines to the Case/New Holland division of Fiat for some of the tractors. And they are excellent engines.

    I used to have one of the largest fleets of Iveco trucks in the US (the brand is no longer imported to the US). The trucks used suspensions that didn't hold up very well, but the engines were bulletproof we easily got 200,000 to 300,000 miles out of the engines and probably could have gotten a lot more if the rest of the vehicle would have held up. In fairness to the brand, we pushed the trucks to their maximum weight capacities almost daily.

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    Default Re: whos building motors in jx55/65's?

    I still see them running around here. There were never a lot of them, but there are some still doing their job.

    This whole thing is interesting since Fiat also owns Ferrrari, which Ford tried to buy in the 60's. Is there any other tie between Fiat and Ford? Fiat never seemed to be able to cut it in the US car market for very long.
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    Default Re: whos building motors in jx55/65's?

    The engine like the rest of the tractor is of an older Fiat design.

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