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    Default (HELP)504 desiel steering

    i think it is called a hand is located right below steering wheel.part of the power steering.a two line hydraulic part.tractor started pouring fluid out one day and i shut it off.a week later i cranked it up an ran it 4 hrs an no time it poured out again.bought a seal kit and it did the same thing.took it off and hydraulic shop sleeved the shaft and put new seals in.cranked it up and it blew the snap ring and seals out.adjusted the fluid pressure in and out same thing.some say this hand pump was used on larger models so the pressure that the 504 puts out should not be a problem.good tractor but i have had guys seem to to have a ton of knowledge.can you help me?thanks

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    Default Re: (HELP)504 desiel steering

    If your 504 is like my 2444/444 then the pressure regulator for the steering mechanism is located in the priority flow divider box. It should the the first device that the high pressure line from the pump hits. The little side tap off the flow divider goes to the steering there and you should be able to tap in a pressure gauge with the proper fittings. It is about 600 PSI or so of pressure if I recall right. If the flow divider is putting full hydraulic pressure on the steering system it WILL blow out seals and such.


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