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    Case 446 Hydriv

    Default Case 446 Hydriv, lose of all Hydraulics?

    Traded for it a few years ago, and have ABSOLUTELY enjoyed it. Have fixed/mended/tweaked a few things here and there, and its been awesome. BUT, was tooling along yesterday, mowing grass, and she just stopped moving. No Drive, no Attachment Lift. Having NO experience with Hydraulics, but LOVE to tinker and learn (only reason she runs and mows as good as she does now), can you Guys tell me where to start troubleshooting the problem? Kind of an Emergency, grass gets out of hand QUICK here.

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    Default Re: Case 446 Hydriv, lose of all Hydraulics?

    You don't have a hydraulic problem. You have a mechanical problem.

    Open the hood

    Disconnect the negative lead to the battery.

    Disconnect the headlamp wire, the coil wire, the starter wire and the alternator wires.

    Disconnect the choke cable and throttle cables and fuel line. Block off the fuel line to prevent fuel loss.

    Close the hood, pull the hood hinge pin and then carefully remove the hood from the tractor.

    Remove the four bolts that secure the two VERTICAL cooler mounting brackets to the frame and then swing the entire cooler and brackets to one side.

    Disconnect the PTO clutch actuator rod from the clutch throwout fork.. Do not touch the PTO clutch in any way.

    Remove the four nuts, bolts and washers that secure the engine block to the tractors frame.

    Remove the two bolts that secure the hydraulic pump to the pump mount and give the pump a tap if it is stuck to the mount.

    You should now be able to slide the engine away from the pump and remove it from the tractor.

    The Lovejoy connector needs to be replaced, as it will be destroyed due to age.

    If you do not know where to buy a replacement, then feel free to send me a PM for more information.


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    Default Re: Case 446 Hydriv, lose of all Hydraulics?

    If the engine runs but there is no hydraulics I would check the fluid then the lovejoy. If you need a pump Bailey hydraulics would probably have one. They have lovejoys too.

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    Default Re: Case 446 Hydriv, lose of all Hydraulics?

    If the hydraulic fluid begins to get low, then the tractor exhibits that problem by lurching. The lurching is caused by having fluid entering the pump one second and then no fluid being available the next second. This is especially noticeable when turning right with the tractor while mowing. The fluid is available while you are travelling in a straight line but it rushes to the left side of the tank during the right-hand corner and that allows the tank outlet to suck air.

    When there is absolutely no warning that a problem is in the making and the tractor suddenly refuses to move, then the most likely suspect is the coupling. Over time, the spider hardens from heat and age. Then it begins to disintegrate until it is no longer there. At that point, the metal jaws of the coupler halves are able to rub against one another and in no time at all, they destroy each other to the point where the spinning engine is no longer mechanically attached to the pump. Depending on the year of your tractor, you may be able to peek at the coupler to see the damage. Some pump mounts are open at the top and bottom.

    I have yet to find a proper replacement pump at Bailey's.

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