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    Default New Ingersol 4016 Owner

    Hello. well yesterday I acquired one of these. I read up on them, but am far from knowledgable.

    This one has the 48" belly mower with hydraulic lift. It also has the 3-point hitch that lifts hydraulically. Both lift simultaneously. I find this to be kind of a nuisance. When mowing with nothing on the hitch, it almost drags the ground. I need to rig some kind of a strut to keep it higher. Although with the down pressure capability, I doubt that is the way to deal with it?. I guess I could add a selector valve and just shut that cylinder off?

    Anyhow...other things.

    This also came with rear hydraulics and the J70? Tiller.
    The tractor seems to be setup for a motor case drain, as it has the 2 larger QC's left & right, and a smaller one below the left one. This tiller motor does not have a case drain, but I did see that some of their implements have one, so it looks like the tractor is equipped if I get say....the chipper. I saw one for sale that mentions a case drain kit for the it looks like I am good on that?. I have not traced the line from it, but I expect to find it dumping to tank?

    I have little need for the tiller and am wondering if I could convert it to be a Flail Mower?

    more to follow

    thanks for reading

    "We, the Unwilling, Led by the Unknowing, set off to accomplish the impossible...the difficult...we do immediatly....the impossible just takes a little longer"

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    Default Re: New Ingersol 4016 Owner

    About all I can do is to confirm that which you have already surmised.

    Yes....your tractor is equipped with a case drain for hydraulic motors that need one.

    Yes... not all attachments were equipped with motors that had a case drain

    Yes.... the case drain does dump into the low pressure return side of the system, just before the oil cooler

    Yes.... adding a selector valve is the best way to solve the drag issue of the 3 pt's arms as well as stop the delay of the reaction time and give you better control

    Yes... the strut idea is not a good one

    Yes.....converting the tiller to a flail mower is an unworkable idea. You are far better off selling the tiller for 3 to 4 hundred dollars. Flail mowers require a much higher RPM than what is available on a tiller. The tillers are a low speed, high torque device rotating at much less than 200 RPM. The chain case is not designed to accept the sort of overdrive gearing you would need to bring the rotor speed up to that of a modern flail mower.

    Are you aware that Case/ingersoll makes a Bush Hog style of rough cut mower that is sized to your tractor? It cuts a 4 ft swath and is towed by the tractor and powered by the rear PTO. Used Hydra Cutters do appear for sale every now and then and those who have owned them have nothing but good things to say about them.

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