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    Default Bent out rigger on 3510 backhoe.

    I have noticed my out riggers were slightly bent when I bought my Brason 3510 last summer from the previous owner. It has the Amerequip model 87620 backhoe. I have been doing some general back hoe work around the property. When I was digging around a stump I bent my right out rigger very good.
    I tried Hammering out each pin. But they to are bent. Looks like I will have to cut them out.
    I was thinking I have three options.
    1.) Remove bent C channel out rigger and try to heat it, re bend it and brace it.
    2.) Order a a new outrigger if possible from Amerequip
    3.) Try to fab up my own.

    Has any one bent the outriggers on their backhoes?
    I was not trying to dig out a stump but rather save shovel work for the stump grinder.

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    Default Re: Bent out rigger on 3510 backhoe.

    I think my outriggers are torqued a little bit and I use front loader pressure and rear brakes. I find the tractor is more stable with all tires on the ground and some bucket pressure. My outrigger appears to be a U-channel with mods; not very hard to duplicate. If it is bent too far it shouldn't cost much to replace from the dealer or have someone make one for you.
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    Default Re: Bent out rigger on 3510 backhoe.

    Last night I cut the C channel to remove one pin. The other upper pins are still tight from being torqued. My plan is just to build new outriggers.
    I think I will use heavy wall 3" box tube. Then remove the pin areas from the old channel and weld it to my box tube. I think the box tube will be much better in the long run than than the light channel.

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