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    Default Hydraulic system

    I am having trouble engaging the hydraulics to raise the rear lift arms. I am confused with the position of the levers on the floor between my feet. The tractor PTO has worked in the past as well as the lift arms for implements in the rear and I am not sure what is wrong. We replaced the hydraulic pump, thinking that was the problem but there has been no change in operation and the lift still doesn't work. Also, the two levers I am talking about are loose and sloppy. Is something broken in there?

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    Default Re: Hydraulic system

    The hydraulic pump is in the bottom right rear of the housing so you pulled the seat and top cover of the housing off to get to the pump. I have never seen a pump bad but it could happen. Does the pto clutch lever work correctly. Are you pulling it up and does it lock in place before you try to move the lever.
    Remember the right lever is high and low on the transmission and only the left is PTO and hydraulic engagement.

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