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    Default 2400h hydraulic oil cooler cracking

    Bought a 2400h in October brand new and the hydraulic oil cooler cracked were the line goes into cooler in front of the radiator. So dealer sent me a new one no biggie. But last nite it cracked again in the same place. So this is the 2nd one same place. Anybody have same issues? Also dont want to put the same part back on again would like something stronger. And suggestions?

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    Default Re: 2400h hydraulic oil cooler cracking

    Mine hasn't cracked yet but would have to believe there is someform of mechanical twisting or binding causing this to fail. Did you have to twist any of the hoses to make them line up or force them to go into a clamp?

    I just went to shed and looked at mine and it has bent tube 90 degreee hose ends on both hoses. If you had to twist the hose to get either of these to connect that would potentially be enough twist to damage the oil cooler. I didn't look at where the other end of the hoses connect but it may be possibly to loosen the other end and turn the hose slightly to reduce or eliminate and twisting strain at the cooler.
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    The hose itself is rubber but the oil cooler is aluminum and is bolted to the radiator. The oil cooler is very soft aluminium so i can see when they put the fitting in assembling it they may have weakened it causeing it to crack. When i installed the new one i tried not to cause to much stress on it. So i wouldnt crack it! Love the tractor though. Hope they send me something better. Dealer is 200 miles away.

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