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    Default C50 & 50HL Loaders

    I have a 50HL {Humpolec} loader and some time ago it lost the float detent.
    That is to say I can float the bucket, but the joysick won't lock in the forward position, so I have to lean on it continuously.
    I am looking for an adjustment procedure - something that takes account of wear.
    This morning I followed the installtion instructions and mimic'd a joystick install.
    Page A-10;
    I removed bolt (D), loosened the allen bolts holding flanges (M), loosened lock nuts (X) , locked the joystick with lock ring (R) and turned each of the two sleeves (Y) so that bolt (D) would pass through the lock grooves (U) in each of the cable outer ends.
    I think this sets the cable outer sleeves to the right length, by doing it again I think it should have taken up any wear, stretch, compaction of outer cable & whatever all else.
    Then I put it all together, snugged it up, etc.

    There is barely a noticeable difference, other than I don't have to push slightly left as well as forward to get float.
    It still doesn't detent into float.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - I know it COULD BE the valve itself, but don't want to tear into that unless/until I have to.
    I can live with this and have for a while, but it IS starting to get to me (-:
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    Default Re: C50 & 50HL Loaders

    I think this is a general loader/joystick/hydraulics question, though the references in the procedure I quoted above are specific.
    For the joystick and cables this seems to be the parts supplier;
    so that may be useful at some point for someone with cable problems.

    Not sure who does the valve body itself, still searching around on that.
    Anyone know anything general about float detent ?

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    Default Re: C50 & 50HL Loaders

    I also posted in the hydraulics forum, so if anyone HERE has similar problems in the future it may be worth reading whatever this thread;
    leads to.
    So far just the general info about how Prince brand directional valves do detenting, which is helpful because I hadn't read my Prince rear outlets booklets
    in 5 or 6 years.

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