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    Default It's about %$#@ time!

    Finally, after 4 weeks, looks like Wednesday I pick up my new Branson 3520R. I wont mention the dealers name here, but I'm sure anyone looking at tractors on line has seen there ads. When I put my deposit on the tractor, I opted for an upgraded loader that could reach the top of my 8' dump truck- a Westendorf 170. It has been a living **** trying to get the dealer to take action. Westendorf kept changing there plans on engineering the right mount for the tractor. First they were going to ship the tractor to Iowa, then decided to expensive, so they would send a rep down here. That didn't materialize either. Then they call and say some other dealer closer to Iowa shipped theirs to get the mounts engineered, and would be sometime in the middle of March. I'm using the tractor for my business as well as personal use, and I was loosing business by not having it, so I told the dealer I couldn't wait till Westendorf got off their dairy airs. So the dealer is engineering the mounts. Guess I can't blame it all on the dealer, but just seems they never stayed on top of things to get it done. Thanks for letting me vent.....I've really been frustrated!!

    My only consolation is in all of this, I should have a pretty good tractor. From what I've read on this Forum, most threads have been positive concerning Branson. After all this malarky it better dance and whistle Dixie!!

    I'll post some pics when I get it Home.....wish me luck!!

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    Default Re: It's about %$#@ time!

    good luck!

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    Good luck.

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    Default Re: It's about %$#@ time!

    Whistling and dancing

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    Default Re: It's about %$#@ time!

    Wishing you the BEST.
    The PUPIL who does not surpass his Master, fails his Master.

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    Congratulations enjoy your new tractor thanks for choosing a Branson.

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